2013 Los Angeles Concrete Hero benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles

Kick A$$

 Be Concrete in What You Stand For

The Ultimate Urban Obstacle Course is BACK!  Please come and join our team for the 2nd Annual Concrete Hero Challenge!  Invite your friends to join our team!  Invite your co-workers!  Facebook "Friends"! Drinking Buddies!  AA Buddies!  Tricks old and new!  Come one, come all!  The more folks we get signed up now... the more power we will have to KICK A$$ once again!!! 

Blowing away the competition, KICK A$$ was the single largest fundraising team...  And we want to DO IT AGAIN!!!

Rather Donate $$$??? Well... we'd love that too!!!  Any amount will help our team reach our goal!  THANK YOU!!!

Proceeds benefit AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA), an organization working to improve the lives of people affected by HIV/AIDS. Your participation in Concrete Hero will make a huge difference for APLA in helping the over 60,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in our city.

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Kick A$$ Raised
Fred 'nd Jason $1,850.00
William Billups $286.00
Personal Gift Chris Bissonnette $475.00
Dave Brad $1,973.00
Personal Gift Travis Bradley $550.00
Chris Brady $0.00
Ehren Bragg $425.00
Paul Brunsting $2,225.00
Tony Campos $861.00
Abe Chami $286.00
Personal Gift Craig Charles $406.00
hai cohen $425.00
Rick D'Agostino $400.00
Personal Gift John D'Amico $1,350.00
JR Dasilva $1,271.00
Brad Dave $628.00
Navid Dayzad $956.00
Robert Erickson $50.00
Jeffrey Fertig $406.00
steeve foussard $536.00
John Galinsky $535.00
Salter Giddens $461.00
Personal Gift Dan Glenn $401.00
Personal Gift Chad Goldman $400.00
Personal Gift Joshua Gonzalez $385.00
LaRonce Henderson $826.00
Itay Hod $2,391.00
Gray Hudkins $1,036.00
Daniel Johnson $306.00
Scott Johnson $0.00
Personal Gift Rob Ken $3,775.00
Jason Kennedy $1,125.00
Dustin Leer $0.00
Personal Gift Jason Mannino $2,411.00
Mark Masliah $860.00
Joseph Matthews $650.00
Matthew McCrea $425.00
Personal Gift Timothy McLean $150.00
Carlos Monge $1,079.00
Laurence Montoya $711.00
Personal Gift Zaydoon Munir $100.00
Angela O'Brien $250.00
Jeff Olde $0.00
Ian Owens $636.00
Glenn Panayioto $0.00
Brad Parr $100.00
Nicholas Pasqua $1,320.00
Francisco Perales $0.00
Personal Gift Coby Pfaff $1,055.00
dan pinar $250.00
Warren Ray $655.00
Daniel Rivera $0.00
Pierre Rivera $286.00
Personal Gift Paul Santello $3,195.00
Personal Gift Zachery Scott $813.00
Personal Gift Scott Showalter $401.00
Joey Smithey $491.00
Personal Gift John Stevens $1,616.00
Personal Gift Fabian Torres $395.00
Personal Gift Rodrigo Torres $436.00
Jose Trujillo $25.00
Personal Gift Alan Uphold $600.00
Nestor Vences $500.00
Joshua Wark $0.00
Mark Waterston $750.00
Steven White $1,050.00
Jason Woodruff $1,726.00
Personal Gift David Yost $1,507.00
Cyd Zeigler $0.00
Steve Ziegenbusch $650.00
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Join my team of Concrete Heroes!
Join my team of Concrete Heroes!


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